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Nurture A.R.T.Self: Adolescent Mental Health & Art Therapy Conference 2016 / 青少年心理健康與藝術治療國際會議:自創空間

posted 12 May 2016, 03:56 by Tristan Chan   [ updated 12 May 2016, 04:01 ]

Pre & Post Conference Workshop 

Pre- Conference Workshop

Mentalisation “Level one” Training

Date:             26- 27th Oct 2016

Duration:      2 Days

Trainer:         Dr. Neil Springham 
                       Consultant Art Therapist 
                       UK National Health Service

Venue:          CFSC Headquarter, Rm 201

Fee:               $4000 

Quota:           30

(Certificate issued by the 
British Association of Art Therapists)

Post- Conference Workshop

Working with Adolescents: Exploring Metaphors
 in Existential Art Therapy

Date:           30-31ST Oct 2016

Duration:     2 Days

Trainer:       Prof. Ming Fu WU  
                     Associate Professor 
                     University of Taipei

Venue:        CFSC Headquarter, Rm201

Fee:             $3000     

Quota       30



    Day 1 28.10.2016

Keynote speech

Art Therapy in a Changing World: New Developments in Research and Practice


Dr. Neil Springham (UK)

Consultant Art Therapist

UK National Health Service


Creative, Playful and Art Therapy for Adolescent Mental Health and Well-Being

Prof. Ming Fu WU (Taiwan)

Associate Professor

University of Taipei


Plenary Sessions:

Presentation 1

Fostering Emotional Wellbeing: Treating Emotional Problems of Children and Youth with Art in the Framework of the Expressive Therapies Continuum


Pro  Joshua Kin Man NAN
Assistant Professor

Hong Kong University

Registered Art Therapist (USA)


Presentation 2

Adolescent Depression and Art Therapy



Ms. Ivy Yim Fun FUNG

Registered Art Therapist (UK)

Presentation 3

Image Writing: The Inner World of Child Victims of Family Violence

Prof. Sophia Suk Mun LAW

Associate Professor

Lingnan University

 Ms. Sarah Ming Mun TONG


Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists

Registered Art Therapist (CA)


Day 2 : 29.10.2016

Three Concurrent Experiential Workshops:

Creative Journey

Reflection on Community Art Work

Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists

Mr. William Hing Chung CHOW

Qualified Art Therapist, UK

Ms. Grace Wing Yee CHAN

Registered Art Therapist, USA

Ms. Kit Ping WONG

Qualified Art Therapist, Australia

Ms. Bianca Ling Cheun LEE

Registered Art Therapist, USA

Ms. Mimi Mei Chi TUNG

Art Therapist, ANZATA Registered, USA Qualified

Ms. Wendy KOU 

Registered Art Therapist, USA

Parallel Workshops

(A1): Using Art to Bridge the “Wall of Fear”

Ms. May Siu Mei CHAN

Registered Art Psychotherapist (UK)


(A2): Using Strengths Based Art Facilitation to Open the Window into the Adolescent’s Internal World

Ms. Petsy Sin Yee CHOW

Centre In Charge, CFSC

(B1): Therapeutic Empathy in Art Therapy: A Pathway towards Healing and Wholeness for Adolescent Females who Self-injure

Ms. Julia BYRNE

Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (USA)


(B2): Art Therapy and Body Image

Ms. Hoi Lam TANG

Registered Art Therapist (USA)

(C1): Creative Arts for Patients at E.A.S.Y.

Art In Hospital

(C2): Using Art Therapy on Strengthening Attachment and Family Resilience between Cancer Patients and Their Children in Treatment Stage

Ms. Tristan Nga Chee CHAN

Registered Art Psychotherapist (UK)

Cancer Fund



Art Therapy for Adolescent:
Promote Authnomy, Build Resilience and Explore True Self.

Details of Conference


28-29.10 2016


CFSC's Headquater Building, Hall(1/F)
&Rm.201, 204-205 (2/F)
3 Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon


Helping professionals (Nurse / Social Worker /Teacher /Youth worker, etc.)


$2,500 (Early bird before 1.9.2016)

$3,000 (After 1.9.2016)


Tel: 2706 5262     Fax: 2706 5776

Email    : ym@cfsc.org.hk

website: www.cfsc.org.hk (CFSC)
                www.hkaat.com (HKAAT)


Tristan Chan,
12 May 2016, 03:56
Tristan Chan,
12 May 2016, 03:56