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心 . 聯繫—親子心理健康藝術治療會議 (第二屆)

posted 12 Jul 2018, 04:06 by Tristan Chan


Detail and enrolment : 
查詢 Enquiry 

電話Tel: 2706 5262  
傳真Fax: 2706 5776 
電郵Email: ym@cfsc.org.hk
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藝術治療=搵錢工具? 請尊重其他專業

posted 14 Oct 2016, 00:43 by Tristan Chan   [ updated 14 Oct 2016, 01:01 ]

日前,香港藝術治療師協會主席應邀接受Job Market 訪問, 記者將問題清晰寫好,訪問看似順利完成,卻從沒透露該訪問另一主角,心啟晴專業輔導員李偉堂(Ernest)。






青少年心理健康與藝術治療國際會議:自創空間 Nurture A.R.T. Self: Adolescent Mental Health and Art Therapy Conference 2016

posted 2 Aug 2016, 04:38 by Tristan Chan

Get Early Bird Rate by 1 Sep 2016!! Be a member of HKAAT and get 20% OFF! 


Organized by the Christian Family Service Centre (CFSC) and Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists (HKAAT), the Conference (28-29 October 2016) aims to update helping professionals with the remarkable trend of art therapy in adolesdent mental health and share the participants with the solid works. Here are the content of the conference:

Nurture A.R.T. (Autonomy, Resilience & True)
Self: Adolescent Mental Health & Art Therapy Conference 2016

Conference Date:

28th - 29th Oct 2016


9:00am - 5:30pm


CFSC's Headquarter Building, Hall (1/F) & Rm201, 204-205 (2/F), 3 Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon


Helping professionals (Nurses / Social Workers / Teachers / Youth workers, etc.)


$2500 (Early Bird before 1st Sep, 2016) & $3000 (After 1st Sep, 2016)


 keynotes, workshop, oral presentation and exhibition of arts product 

¨       Keynote Speakers: leading experts in art therapy including:  

ØDr. Neil SpringhamConsultant Art Therapist,  UK National Health Service

Art Therapy in a Changing World: New Developments in Research and Practice

ØProf. Ming Fu WU, Associate Professor,  University of Taipei
Creative, Playful and Art Therapy for Adolescent Mental Health and Well-Being

¨       Pre-conference workshop Mentalization Based Treatment (Level One Course) and  Post-conference workshop ~  Working with Adolescents: Exploring Metaphors in Exstential Art Therapy

¨       The early bird registration (on or before 1 September, 2016) for conference and the pakage pricecan save you up to HK$2,350!!!

Application form: 





Should you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us at 2706 5262 or email to ym@cfsc.org.hk.

Nurture A.R.T.Self: Adolescent Mental Health & Art Therapy Conference 2016 / 青少年心理健康與藝術治療國際會議:自創空間

posted 12 May 2016, 03:56 by Tristan Chan   [ updated 12 May 2016, 04:01 ]

Pre & Post Conference Workshop 

Pre- Conference Workshop

Mentalisation “Level one” Training

Date:             26- 27th Oct 2016

Duration:      2 Days

Trainer:         Dr. Neil Springham 
                       Consultant Art Therapist 
                       UK National Health Service

Venue:          CFSC Headquarter, Rm 201

Fee:               $4000 

Quota:           30

(Certificate issued by the 
British Association of Art Therapists)

Post- Conference Workshop

Working with Adolescents: Exploring Metaphors
 in Existential Art Therapy

Date:           30-31ST Oct 2016

Duration:     2 Days

Trainer:       Prof. Ming Fu WU  
                     Associate Professor 
                     University of Taipei

Venue:        CFSC Headquarter, Rm201

Fee:             $3000     

Quota       30



    Day 1 28.10.2016

Keynote speech

Art Therapy in a Changing World: New Developments in Research and Practice


Dr. Neil Springham (UK)

Consultant Art Therapist

UK National Health Service


Creative, Playful and Art Therapy for Adolescent Mental Health and Well-Being

Prof. Ming Fu WU (Taiwan)

Associate Professor

University of Taipei


Plenary Sessions:

Presentation 1

Fostering Emotional Wellbeing: Treating Emotional Problems of Children and Youth with Art in the Framework of the Expressive Therapies Continuum


Pro  Joshua Kin Man NAN
Assistant Professor

Hong Kong University

Registered Art Therapist (USA)


Presentation 2

Adolescent Depression and Art Therapy



Ms. Ivy Yim Fun FUNG

Registered Art Therapist (UK)

Presentation 3

Image Writing: The Inner World of Child Victims of Family Violence

Prof. Sophia Suk Mun LAW

Associate Professor

Lingnan University

 Ms. Sarah Ming Mun TONG


Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists

Registered Art Therapist (CA)


Day 2 : 29.10.2016

Three Concurrent Experiential Workshops:

Creative Journey

Reflection on Community Art Work

Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists

Mr. William Hing Chung CHOW

Qualified Art Therapist, UK

Ms. Grace Wing Yee CHAN

Registered Art Therapist, USA

Ms. Kit Ping WONG

Qualified Art Therapist, Australia

Ms. Bianca Ling Cheun LEE

Registered Art Therapist, USA

Ms. Mimi Mei Chi TUNG

Art Therapist, ANZATA Registered, USA Qualified

Ms. Wendy KOU 

Registered Art Therapist, USA

Parallel Workshops

(A1): Using Art to Bridge the “Wall of Fear”

Ms. May Siu Mei CHAN

Registered Art Psychotherapist (UK)


(A2): Using Strengths Based Art Facilitation to Open the Window into the Adolescent’s Internal World

Ms. Petsy Sin Yee CHOW

Centre In Charge, CFSC

(B1): Therapeutic Empathy in Art Therapy: A Pathway towards Healing and Wholeness for Adolescent Females who Self-injure

Ms. Julia BYRNE

Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (USA)


(B2): Art Therapy and Body Image

Ms. Hoi Lam TANG

Registered Art Therapist (USA)

(C1): Creative Arts for Patients at E.A.S.Y.

Art In Hospital

(C2): Using Art Therapy on Strengthening Attachment and Family Resilience between Cancer Patients and Their Children in Treatment Stage

Ms. Tristan Nga Chee CHAN

Registered Art Psychotherapist (UK)

Cancer Fund



Art Therapy for Adolescent:
Promote Authnomy, Build Resilience and Explore True Self.

Details of Conference


28-29.10 2016


CFSC's Headquater Building, Hall(1/F)
&Rm.201, 204-205 (2/F)
3 Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon


Helping professionals (Nurse / Social Worker /Teacher /Youth worker, etc.)


$2,500 (Early bird before 1.9.2016)

$3,000 (After 1.9.2016)


Tel: 2706 5262     Fax: 2706 5776

Email    : ym@cfsc.org.hk

website: www.cfsc.org.hk (CFSC)
                www.hkaat.com (HKAAT)


2015 專業研討會 (19th Sept, 2015)

posted 21 Jun 2015, 01:17 by Tristan Chan


三地創意藝術治療交流 - 邁進身心靈健康工作坊及研討會

posted 4 May 2015, 20:16 by Tristan Chan

If you cannot see this page properly, please click here.

研討會刊物 (1&2):  
新加坡:  Mr. Ronald P.M.H. LAY(藝術治療) 
台灣:  張志豪博士 (戲劇治療) 
           李一萱小姐 (表達藝術治療) 
           王華雯小姐 (藝術治療) 
香港:  陳雅姿小姐(藝術治療)   
日期 :4 / 7 / 2015  (星期六) 

時間 :2:00pm - 6:00pm 

地點 :賽馬會新生精神康復學院演講廳 
語言: 英語及普通話 
費用  : $100 
2:15pm - 4:00pm    Mr. RONALD P.M.H. LAY, 
4:15pm - 6:00pm    楊琇玲小姐, 李一萱小姐 
日期 :26 / 6 / 2015 (星期五)  
時間 :7:30pm - 9:30pm 
地點 :社區文化發展中心 
費用  :  $50 
講者: 張志豪先生, 王華雯小姐, 陳雅姿小姐 
講座內容 : 
2015 / 6 / 27 - 28     走向舞台的邊際--戲劇治療理論與實務工作坊 
2015 / 7 / 3 - 4          舞出「心」世界--舞蹈治療簡介工作坊 
2015 / 7 / 4 - 5          音樂治療與放鬆和自我照顧工作坊 
2015 / 7 / 5 - 7          工作坊: 對輔導專業的反思與創意性投入的方法、同情疲勞症及道德議題 
2015 / 6 / 27 - 28      Review, Rebuild and Reborn 藝術治療工作坊 
2. 2014年的<<服務兒童、父母及照顧者的創意藝術治療: 國際研討會>> 文集 (共62頁, 價值$100)  經已出版, 我們提供以下折扣: 

   A) 同時研討會及講座($150), 可享有 5折優惠($50) 購買本文集  
  B) 參加是次研討會任何一個活動, .可享有 8折優惠($80) 購買本文集  
   C) 參加三個工作坊或以上, 可獲送贈本文集一本 
**以上優惠並不重疊, 社區文化發展中心將保留最終決定權 


posted 4 May 2015, 20:11 by Tristan Chan   [ updated 4 May 2015, 20:12 ]

 The auditorium of Christian Family Service Centre at Kwun Tong

18 Sep 2014 Meet Art Therapists – Clinical experience in Taiwan (By HKAAT)

posted 2 Sep 2014, 18:52 by Tristan Chan

18 Sep 2014 Meet Art Therapists – Clinical experience in Taiwan

HKAAT “Meet the Art Therapists”  2014-15

You are invited to attend our MAT – Meet the Art Therapists (藝術聊程) event. It is a bi-monthly sharing session conducted by our art therapists/full members. We are excited to announce that we are pleased to have Wang, Hua-Wen from Taiwan to be our speaker.

MAT  Topic :  Art Therapy Clinical Experience in Taiwan

Speaker:  Wang, Hua-Wen, HPCP registered art psychotherapist (UK).

She works as an art therapist in Hospice Palliative Medicine Division of Taichung Veterans General Hospital and Taiwan Fund for Children and Families. She is also an instructor of Tunghai University Extension- Continuing and Professional Education in Taiwan.

Medium of Language:   Mandarin  

Date & Time:         18 Sep 2014 (THUR), 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Venue:            Room 704, The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of HK

Address:         The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of HK, No. 3 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, HK

Fee :                        HKD50 (members)                 $ 200 (non-members)

內容: 藝術治療師於台灣工作(學校、醫院、社福機構)的實務分享

主講者:  王華雯Wang, Hua-Wen

簡介:  臺中榮民總醫院安寧緩和醫學科及台灣兒童暨家庭扶助基金會藝術治療師, 東海大學推廣教育部講師。

語言: 國語

NO Walk-in or On-site Registration

Application form: https://hkatherapy.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/mat_huawen_.pdf

CFSC六十周年誌慶活動 同行創未來-精神健康研討會

posted 2 Sep 2014, 18:47 by Tristan Chan





9月18日 會前工作坊
工作坊一: 心靈探索– 自我體驗
工作坊二: 藝術治療象徵意涵的多重面向
工作坊三: 與藝術同行– 靈美創意新體驗
工作坊四: 由我主導之就業與社會支持—服務使用者分享平台
9月19日 同行創未來-精神健康研討會
上午: 研討會
講題一 以家庭為本之精神健康實務工作:理念與實踐
  馬麗莊教授 香港中文大學社會工作學系
講題二 締造關懷社區的願景與策略
  葉錦成教授 香港理工大學應用社會科學系
講題三 以創新手法回應社會需要
  魏華星先生 香港社會創投基金創辦人及行政總裁
講題四 社會服務協作新思維
  郭烈東先生 基督教家庭服務中心總幹事
下午: 平行工作坊
工作坊一 靈性與精神健康 (A)
工作坊二 表達藝術治療之實務經驗 (A)
工作坊三 能耐為本取向之實務應用 (A)
工作坊四 靈性與精神健康 (B)
工作坊五 表達藝術治療之實務經驗 (B)
工作坊六 跨界別服務協作 (B)


按此下載研討會宣傳單張 研討會宣傳單張
按此下載研討會前工作坊宣傳單張 研討會前工作坊宣傳單張
按此下載報名表格 報名表格
電話: 3996 8515
傳真: 3996 8514
電郵: mhconference@cfsc.org.hk

服務兒童、父母及照顧者的創意藝術治療: 國際研討會及工作坊

posted 13 Jul 2014, 21:11 by Tristan Chan   [ updated 13 Jul 2014, 21:11 ]

服務兒童、父母及照顧者的創意藝術治療: 國際研討會及工作坊





研討會 Symposium:   9 - 10 / 8 / 2014   (六、日 Sat & Sun)        9:30 – 17:00

場地 Venue: 賽馬會新生精神康復學院 Jockey Club New Life Institute of Psychiatric Rehabilitation


工作坊 Schedule of Workshops:



活動地址 Address:

  • 社區文化發展中心 Centre for Community Cultural Development

 (九龍石硤尾白田街 30 號賽馬會創意藝術中心 L205 – L208)

  • 賽馬會新生精神康復學院 Jockey Club New Life Institute of Psychiatric Rehabilitation




單場工作坊費用 One Workshop Fee:

HK$ 1200(非會員 Non-member)

HK$ 1100(CCCD 普通會員 Ordinary Member)

HK$ 1000(CCCD 永久會員 Life Member )


·    報名參加兩至四場工作坊則可享受九折優惠。 Enjoys 10% off discount if one applies for two to four workshops together.

·    報名參加五至六場工作坊可享受八五折優惠。Enjoys 15% off discount if one applies for five to six workshops together.

·    早鳥優惠 Early Bird Special Discount:2014年7月1日之前完成報名者每場工作坊可獲扣減五十元港幣。Enjoys HK$50 deduction on every workshop as an early bird before 1st July 2014.

·    現在報名成為會員立即享有會員折扣。Become a CCCD member now, and you will enjoy member’s discount immediately.



研討會費用 Symposium Fee:

HK$ 200 (非會員 Non-member)

HK$ 150 (CCCD 普通會員 Ordinary Member)

HK$ 100 (CCCD 永久會員 Life Member )



贊助 Sponsored by:
S K Yee Medical Foundation 余兆麒醫療基金


合辦 Jointly Organized by:
Centre for Community Cultural Development  社區文化發展中心
Kwai Chung Hospital  葵涌醫院
New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association 新生精神康復會


全力支持 Fully Supported by:
Asian People's Theatre Festival Society 亞洲民眾戲劇節協會

Taiwan Drama Resilience Association 台灣戲劇復原力協會



社區文化發展中心 Centre for Community Cultural Development

電話 Tel:(852) 2891 8482, (852) 2891 8488      傳真Fax:(852) 2891 8483         

電郵Email:cccd@cccd.hk                                          網址Website:www.cccd.hk                         

地址Address:賽馬會創意藝術中心JCCAC L205-208

L205-208 Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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