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WaterBe's Birthday!

posted 10 Oct 2011, 02:35 by Tristan Chan   [ updated 25 Jun 2012, 19:03 ]
Hello!  Everyone! Finally, I have uploaded the website for WaterBe, hopefully will get more people to join and to find out more about Art Psychotherapy!
If you have any questions about art therapy, training, workshop, or anything you would like to ask, please feel free to send me a email or give me a ring! 
從今年11月開始至明年6月, 希望每月舉辦一次有關藝術治療的專題工作坊, 除了探討有關藝術治療的專題, 亦希望提供一個平台讓大家有一個連續的, 有規律, 以及合理價錢的藝術治療小組/工作坊. 透過每次參與藝術創作, 分享, 以及探討不同專題, 從而達到平衡工作壓力, 增加自信, 以及朋輩互相指導的效果.